Bloody Underrated: B.U. Does FRINGE: Entry #13 (Justice For Some, Zack Adams, Elevated)

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18 juin 2011
Bloody Underrated
Al, Cornelius
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You know what a good day is? When you end up not being able to see 2 of the shows on your schedule, and then realize you still saw 6 shows.

Justice For Some

I've never reviewed a dance show in my entire life. I've never paid to see a dance show in my entire life. I am far from being an expert on dance, and I am fully aware of this. Regardless of this, I like to believe that I can tell a good dance show from a bad one. Today, I caught Influxdance's "Justice For Some", and it chilled me to the bone. It literally gave me shivers. If that's not a sign of a good show, then what is?

Justice For Some is a show that goes way beyond dancing. It's a show about injustice in its many forms, throughout the world and within North America. It tackles issues such as sexual assault, gay rights (or lack thereof), totalitarian regimes, human trafficking, and more. It's depressing, it's riveting, but most of all, it's inspiring. There are only a few words that are actually spoken in this show, and yet it says so much. The choreography for this is beyond anything I was expecting to see, and left me wanting more. I was almost out of breath just watching these women perform, it was so intense. InFlux make greta use of their space and of every single muscle in their bodies, tearing into the crowd with their penetrating stares and thought-provoking gestures. I made deep eye contact with one particular member of the troupe during a brief moment when the group is sitting and staring, and my spine turned to ice. You can feel how much the group truly cares about the issues they are addressing as soon as you meet that gaze.

Incredibly, they have also included American Sign Language into their show, throughout it. Who does that? Talented and considerate people, that's who. The music that was chosen for this show is flawless, the video editing is brilliant, the whole production/direction/creation is flabbergasting. Did I just say flabbergasting? I need a thesaurus.

If you're a fan of dance...hell, if you're a human with a conscience, go see this show. And don't leave thinking "man, that was some great dancing, let's go on with my day." Allow yourself to be taken in by the message this show provides, and open your eyes to the tragedy that surrounds you. And then do your best to fight it.

Justice For Some is on Saturday June 18th at midnight, and then closes June 19th at 9:30 PM. Catch it if you can. Regret it if you can't.

Zack Adams: Love Songs For Future Girl

Zack Adams, you charming Australian so-and-so. How's this for a change of pace? I just went from a political dance show to a man singing about girls he once dated. Love Songs for Future Girl is a humorous and personal journey through Zack's romantic past, starting with his first crush and ending with his latest heartbreaker of an ex-girlfriend. Throwing in some covers of classic hits, some of them modified to tell his story (extra points gained here for use of Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind) amidst his repertoire of original tracks, Zack's put together a memorable show that's been turning heads around here. He's even earned a Frankie nomination in the Comedy category! The show is a bit crude at times but always feels 100% genuine, and I couldn't help but love it.

Zack Adams is continuing to tour this show way past Montreal. Check out his website for more information!

Elevated: Pushing Buttons

Venue #7 has to be the least soundproof venue on this year's venue list. The sound of traffic in the background did nothing to help this performance, which wasn't the best to begin with. The story is simple: Two strangers meet on an elevator after it breaks down, start dating, and then their relationship goes through some hard times. I would love to be the guy who tells you that this play succeeded on every level, but that's not what's going to happen.

Look, I could pick it apart and tell you what I would have changed about it, but I won't. I believe both of these actors could do well if they were performing in an entirely different play. I'll leave it at that.