B.U. Does FRINGE: Entry #11 (Adopt This, Templeton Philharmonic, Think Outside)

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17 juin 2011
Bloody Underrated
Al, Cornelius
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Six reviews is a bit much for one post, so I'm chopping these up into two sets!

Adopt This!

It's incredible what you can learn about a person in 60 minutes, it really is. It's also incredible to see how much you can relate to someone whose life has almost nothing in common with yours. Dan Bingham has chosen to share the story of his upbringing with the world, and I'm warning you: It's both a tearjerker and a funny story. Bingham's upbringing was a rough one, to say the least, and it's a feat in itself that he turned out to be a generally nice guy (from what I can tell) as well as a great comedian.

Dan's somehow found a way to appeal to the mildly geeky side of his audience, throwing in references to Star Trek (you can't tell me that the wording "wrath of John" was an accident), Lord of the Rings, Star Wars...and throwing in made up words like "booknologist" and "scottisher" definitely added to the overall tone of the show. I love the way the whole act was written and put together, and I love the way it was delivered.

Here's the rest of the info you need, off the Montreal Fringe Festival website!

The Templeton Philharmonic

Sketch comedy can be very hit or miss, especially in a Fringe setting. Luckily for me, this show was all about hits. These bits and pieces of comic genius covered topics ranging from funerals to athleticism to Rocky to....mustard sandwiches! I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed this show, I really could. It was really, really funny! The girls threw in a bunch of interesting dancing as transitions from one sketch to another, which is something that is often done. I feel like a lot of sketch comedy shows fail to keep their audience's attention by having weak transitions: This show could serve as an example of what should really be done. The only complaint I could make about this show is that it's short. It ran for 30 minutes, but they passed by so quickly that I was left yearning for more (and somewhat hungrier than I was before). Regardless, it's a fantastic show, and I'm not hearing nearly enough buzz about it! Go see it, and drag your friends!

The Templeton Philharmonic is on at Venue 3 until Sunday, try to make it out!

Random Notes: These girls are quite apt at character embodiment and voicing. One of Brianna's characters reminded me of Liza Minnelli. Also, Sketch #2 is pure genius.

Think Outside

As if Templeton hadn't messed with my appetite enough, on come In The Flesh Theatre with their first production, "Think Outside", which mentions pie. Tons and tons of pie. You can't do that to a fat man! But I digress.

Think Outside is a play about a woman, working in an office, struggling to find a great idea that she once lost, which will allow her to get a promotion if she finds it again. Woah, talk about run-on sentences. Did that make sense? Forgive me, it's late. This play's got a beautiful set that was fabricated entirely from cardboard, and features a multitude of characters ranging from pirates to regular people to....The Keeper! (The Keeper = One of my favourite low-budget costumes in the festival this year) The play itself, however, did feel a bit bare. It has heart, and I enjoyed watching it, but I felt like a little something was missing, though I can't quite put my finger on it. Perhaps it needs to be a bit longer, to allow deeper character development for Lee, the lead role. Anyhow, I liked the play, and look forward to future productions by this company.

Think Outside is on until Saturday at Venue 3. That's lucky for the members of the company, they get to go cram in a ton of shows on the closing day of the festival, Sunday!

Side note: The members of In The Flesh Theatre have gained my admiration with their dedication to this festival. They've all been putting in volunteer shifts whenever they can, and seeing as many shows as their schedule allows. Gotta love dedicated performers!