The Rover: Not Just Clowning Around

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18 juin 2011
The Rover
Jake Freekin Smith
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Another beautiful day at the Fringe. The sun was shining, the beer was flowing, and there was no shortage of weirdos about. And I think I found some of the weirdest weirdos out there. Good thing that’s exactly what I was looking for.


LaboKracBoom is a company to watch out for. I was intrigued by their performance at the 13th Hour, the Fringe’s late-night cabaret show at Cabaret du Mile End, and so I decided to see their show. Les Chroniques du Laboratoire Unik is one of the best circus shows I have ever experienced. For the first time I saw a circus show that didn’t just pause the story to perform tricks, but that actually used the tricks to tell the story. There was nearly no dialogue and yet the thru-line was crisp and clear. All four of them were not only masters of their craft but excellent storytellers as well. And they ended their show with a DISCO number. The entire audience clapped straight through to the end without even being prompted. This is a Fringe show not to be missed.

MANGA &&&&

I saw Belzebrute’s show last year and loved it. This year was no different. They told a complex and violent story of revenge and self-discovery using fantastic physicality and gibberish. That’s right, there were little to no actual words in the entire play. And yet, not only was the story easy to follow through what they were saying, but one got the impression that what they were saying was completely understandable to the actors, as if they had rehearsed the piece with actual dialogue and then substituted gibberish when they knew the show inside and out (which I suspect they did). Their use of projections and puppetry in their fight choreography was nothing short of brilliant. And they had one member playing what seemed like a small room full of different instruments to create a diverse soundscape for the piece. While I did feel as though it ran a little bit long it was still really strong show. Definitely worth checking out if you get the chance.