The Charlebois Post: Review: Mind Control: Hypnosis Show (Fringe 2011)

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17 juin 2011
The Charlebois Post
Valerie Cardinal
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I have to admit that I didn’t get the full Spidey experience on Thursday night; it was a special mentalism show with no hypnotism involved. However, I felt like Spidey’s showmanship didn’t translate very well. He seemed insecure about his tricks and spent way too much of his show reassuring the audience that he wasn’t cheating or messing with them. Sometimes, Spidey’s self-deprecation came off as charming, but it’s mostly off-putting. Who wants to see a mentalist who isn’t confident in what he can do? Some of the tricks near the end were genuinely impressive, and I only wish the rest of the show had amazed like those moments.