The Montreal Gazette:Fringe Festival Frankie Awards Nominations Announced, So Soon?

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18 juin 2011
The Montreal Gazette
Pat Donnelly
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The Fringe Festival Frankie Award Nominations were announced yesterday. What I want to know is how do the judges do it? Or rather how many of them do it? Given that there are 110 shows, even at the rate of six per day, it would take 10 days for one person to see 60 of them. We’re presuming that the task has been delegated to many. But how do any meaningful comparisons come out of this kind of process? Just wondering.

Skimming over the list there were some odd choices, and even more puzzling omissions. Like A Different Woman, for instance. It shoulda been a contender.

I finally caught The Trial of the Century today at the Mile End Cabaret and found it highly amusing. I’m not crazy about improv, but the courtroom format proved to be an effective structure for the snappy witticisms of the Uncalled For gang. And the venue was air-conditioned.

The audience was asked to choose the name of the accused and the nature of the crime. This time the name that popped up was Priscilla (played by Kirsten Rasmussen) and her crime was treason, against the government of Stephen Harper.

One of the audience members singled out to be a witness, Jacob Hechtman (son of Jeremy), almost stole the show from Sweet Sweet Jimmy Priest, as the defence lawyer, and Rufus O’Hallahan, as the prosectur. Zack Winters was the judge. Their final performance is tonight (Saturday, June 18, 2011) at 11:15 p.m. Be prepared to participate.