Our 300+ volunteers make this festival possible.
If you're interested in helping out and seeing FRINGE shows for free,
contact benevol@montrealfringe.ca or call our Volunteer Hotline at 514.849.0069.


COMMIT to your FRINGE this year: be a VOLUNTEER!

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Why should I volunteer?


FRINGE can only run with the generous help of our volunteers. We LOVE YOU GUYS, which is why we offer you FRINGE bucks for your hard work. FRINGE bucks allow you to see FRINGE shows for free - a four hour shift earns you 4 FRINGE bucks, enough for one ticket to one show.


Many companies also offer special volunteer shows, where you get in for free by flashing some FRINGE bucks (to show you’re a volunteer)!


We also throw you guys a party after the Festival, where there is a big auction with lots of AWESOME prizes - and you can bid on the prizes with your leftover FRINGE bucks!!!


Also, quite simply, volunteering is FUN!


What do I need to do now?


First things first: join our mailing list by filling in This Form. This way you can also tell us what you’re interested in helping out with!


Choose a volunteer information session from the dates below that works for you and add it to your agenda! Email us at benevol@montrealfringe.ca to reserve your spot in the training session. At the end of the info session, you’ll be able to sign up for some shifts. Some volunteer positions require more specific training, so keep in mind that you may need to attend another training session if you’re interested in those positions.


INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!! We always need more volunteers (even during the festival!), and everything goes better with company, so let your friends know you’re getting involved, and encourage them to do the same!


What jobs can I do?




Odd jobs around the office, anything from answering phones to running errands to helping with more specific jobs with staff members.


Advanced Box Office


Ticket sales over the phone and in person (this is the Box Office at MainLine Theatre, which runs before the festival begins).


FRINGE Park Setup


Turning Parc des Amériques into FRINGE Park!




Providing info and relaying messages at FRINGE Park during the Festival.


Special Events


Assisting at one-off FRINGE events. Special events are events that happen only once during the Festival, so your job will be as unique as the event itself!




A shift at the FRINGE Park can involve bartending, security, clean up, running errands and everything in between. You’re helping to keep the heart of the festival running!


Central Box Office


Ticket sales, both over the phone and in person. The Central Box Office is located at Parc des Amériques, during the Festival.




“I like to think of overnighting as guarding the heart of the Festival.” - Lili, volunteer, 2012


During an overnight shift, you are responsible for keeping an eye on the FRINGE Park. We leave you with a TV and DVD player, blankets, pizza and coffee. On top of that, you earn DOUBLE FRINGE BUCKS!!!


Venue Manager


Selling tickets and managing Front Of House at our indoor venues.


Front of House


The assistant to the Venue Manager!




Bike couriers who distribute tickets and change between the Central Box Office, Venues and




Helping out around the FRINGE office.




Counting and balancing money and tickets when they return from venues to Headquarters.


FRINGE Park Strike


Making Parc des Amériques look like we were never there!




Volunteer training sessions 2013

(email to reserve your place!)


Tuesday May 7: 7pm-9pm

Saturday May 11: 3pm-5pm

Wednesday May 15: 7pm-9pm

Saturday May 18: 3pm-5pm

Tuesday May 21: 6pm-8pm

Sunday May 26: 2pm-4pm

Tuesday May 28: 7pm-9pm

Wednesday June 5: 6pm-8pm


Venue Manager training sessions 2013

(email to reserve your place!)


Sunday May 19: 3pm-5pm

Saturday May 25: 3pm-5pm

Tuesday June 4: 6pm-8pm


All training sessions are at MainLine Theatre, 3997 St Laurent.





It's not just us that love our volunteers, here are some of our volunteer SPONSORS for 2013: