The London Free Press: Comedian brings tales from his adventures

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9 November 2011
The London Free Press
Kathy Rumleski
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The Show: Paul Hutcheson's Homecoming let's everyone in on what the funny man has been up to since he left London at 19. He has had 18 jobs and various housing situations after leaving his hometown. The show, written and performed by Hutcheson, supports the London Fringe.

Background: Hutcheson has been a solo performer for eight years and has enjoyed success with his trilogy of shows, The First Time, On Second Thought and Third Time Lucky.

He's toured these solo comedies to more than 25 festivals in North America, picking up awards in New York and San Francisco and two award nominations for Best English Production and Best Comedy at the 2010 Montreal Fringe Festival.

He has also performed at the London Fringe and the Big Comedy Go-To. The First Time received great acclaim at the 2003 Fringe fest, where it garnered an Impresario performance.

Family affair: His Homecoming show is rated PG 14.

Quote: "(Homecoming has) material written specifically for London, bits of material from my three solo shows and material from my last six months on the stand-up circuit." -- Paul Hutcheson


What: Paul Hutcheson's Homecoming, an evening of comedy

When: Friday, 8 p.m.

Where: 340 Wellington St., third floor (formerly Yuk Yuk's)

Tickets: $20; available at or call 519-434-0606. Cash purchases at the door.

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